April training

April training

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Please read 


Happy Spring.. Im ready for the longer / warmer days 

Training is set Monday - Thursday for each week



 Class times 

6am 4pm 4:30pm 5:30pm


I am open 16 days of each month and you are to complete all sessions within those 15 days.

Look below to see what schedule you will follow based off the package you select. This is just a suggestion of how you could complete your sessions. Nothing is concrete.

10 sessions :

week 1= 3 sessions
week 2 = 2 sessions
week 3 = 3 sessions
week 4 = 2 sessions



3 sessions for 4 weeks

14 sessions:

week 1= 3 sessions
week 2 = 4 sessions
week 3 = 3 sessions
week 4 = 4 sessions



16 sessions :

4 sessions for 4 weeks



If for any reason you need to change your time please reach out to me so that I can make proper accommodations. 

each session last approximately 45mins /one hour 


it is up to you to make all your sessions. Missed sessions don’t roll over to the next month , you are paying for session for Dec 4th -28th closed Christmas day ! classes do not roll over to the following month. 


No Refunds

Classes are non transferable 

Location: Anniston,Al

914 west 18th st 


Gym times :









confirm schedule with me before purchasing